Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase delivers once again


Shawn Nowlin,

Photo by Shawn Nowlin
Kumon employees Erin Holland and Shila Patolia.

Years ago, the Salem Civic Center agreed to host an annual Salem and Roanoke County Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase. The purpose of this year’s event, Feb. 7, was to once again create an environment for people to meet with members of the business community and learn about the products and services they offer.

“This event has always been open to the public. When people walk in, we want them to see over sixty businesses and all the services that they can provide,” Darla Thompson, Marketing Events Manager for the Salem and Roanoke County Chamber, said.  “About three years ago, we held the event upstairs in a smaller room. Eventually we outgrew it because folks needed more space so we moved it into the arena.”

As a Community Manager for American Cancer Society, Courtney Baker has three main responsibilities: event planning, securing sponsorships and getting the community involved with the company. “Today we have the Relay for Life with the American Cancer Society representing Salem, Roanoke and Roanoke College,” she said.

Solid Rock Enterprises, a Salem-based company that specializes in helping people stay in their homes, was another company that people gravitated towards. “We are very proud to be able to serve our disabled veterans by doing home modifications,” President Chris Moore said. “We participate in free grant programs that allows them to get in and out of their homes.”

“WSLS Channel 10, Salem Civic Center, Lewis Gale Hospital, Vistar Eye Center, Consolidated Construction Services and WFXR Radio sponsored this year’s event”, Darla said. “We are already looking forward to next year.”


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