Latest LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant event attracts a sizeable crowd


Richard Smith, Contributing writer

LuLaRoe Picture: The floor of the Salem Civic Center full of clothes on sale.

From 10am to 4pm on Saturday, February 4, the Salem Civic Center was full of shoppers. Most were teenage girls or women of various ages, though the occasional male could be seen looking through the stalls. The excitement: the LuLaRoe Multi-Consultant Event.

There were a variety of clothing items available for purchase – leggings, shirts, skirts and more. According to event organizer Amber Austin, almost 70 consultants setup to sell their LuLaRoe inventory. Some consultants even had to share spaces due to crowding. Austin, who reached out to the Salem Civic Center and several consultants in the area, stated that the event is on its third year. The event has only gotten bigger with each passing year.

Consultants invest in signature LuLaRoe product packages for sale in their own small businesses. One stand, held by consultant Regina McPeak and her daughter, held the signature “buttery soft leggings” in comparison to regular leggings that are only brushed once or twice. Many of the consultants started out small and improved their business rather quickly. “Any print that we have, there’s not more than 5,000 pieces of clothing made from that print. In specialty things like Valentine’s Day leggings, there would be no more than 2500 in that print,” McPeak said. “So overall, everything we have is specific – it’s all limited, everything is limited here.”

Proceeds from the LuLaRoe sales are split between consultants and charities. The proceeds of the very first Multi-Consultant Event went towards the Salvation Army. This year proceeds will go towards the Ronald McDonald House Charities. Bradford, who works as nurse at Carilion Clinic in addition to being a LuLaRoe consultant, said that the Ronald McDonald House helps parents who have children in the clinic. On LuLaRoe, the slogan of which is “Where Fashion Meets Comfort,” Bradford had to say: “It’s just comfortable and stylish clothes, and we love it.”

Bradford was not the only one enthusiastic about LuLaRoe products. Throughout the course of the event, a steady stream of customers passed through the multiple rows of clothing on display. Some merely browsed, but many left with at least one new article of clothing. “We are thankful for such a great turnout and for a community that supports us,” said Austin. She also voiced hope that events of this kind could be held at least four times a year in the future. With an early start in February and sales as successful as they are, more Multi-Consultant Events seem feasible in 2017 and the years to come. “Our attendance was counted at over 1500 and we raised $8,500 for the Ronald McDonald House Organization,” Amber Austin said. “Our next event is April 1 and it will also be a fundraiser.”



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