Vinton Police Department names Officers of the Month for January



The Vinton Police Department has recognized seven officers as Officers of the Month for January 2017— Lt. Glenn Austin, Sgt. Tim Lawless, Acting Sgt. Chris Froeschl, Detective Todd Bailey, Cpl. Scott Hurt, Officer Silas Chapman, and Officer Danny Cox. The officers were recognized at the Vinton Town Council meeting on February 21.

This honor stems from an incident on December 16, 2016, in which Hunter Hall was issued several warrants— a felony warrant for “Threatening to Bomb/Burn a Residence” and a misdemeanor warrant for property damage.

“He managed to elude officers for about seven weeks, but was captured in Vinton on January 25,” said Vinton Police Chief Tom Foster. “While canvassing the area, Acting Sgt. Froeschl attempted to speak to a male subject walking in the area; the subject ran. Officers pursued the subject on foot, ending with the capture of Hunter Hall.”

Foster said this capture also resulted in the solving of approximately 14 vehicle tampering and larceny cases in the jurisdiction.

“This was a great team effort by all,” said Foster. “Keep up the good work!”